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To encourage the practice of
English language constantly
we are happy to introduce
you our film programme for 2017.

The sessions will be held twice a month,
open to all public on Sundays at 17:00
according to the following
dates and Titles:

24th September 2017 - Big Eyes  17:00

08th October -Whiplash 17:00

29th October – The Miracle Worker

12th November – Lincoln

26th November – OP1: The King’s Speech

Option 2: The Theory of Everything

--- December – The Secret

We have selected great films on different familiar subjects to respond to the most curious public,
on art, literature, music and simply life itself.

A discussion and aperitif is offered after each session.
Come and enjoy our film sessions in English and do not hesitate to bring your friends and your new proposals.

We are looking forward to welcoming you soon and we expect this is going to become an
enjoyable tradition and a new place for you to chill out on idle Sundays.  

Place:  Rue du Poyet 3, 1510 Moudon
Entrance Fee:    CHF 8.-
Tel: 078 868 78 58 / 021 905 23 83


VSchool Propose un programme de films en anglais 2 x par mois,
une belle occasion de pratiquer l’anglais dans une ambiance détendu et amicale
Place: Rue du Poyet 3, 1510 Moudon à la rande salle
Prix d'entrée CHF 8.-

The winner of the Golden Globe
Film by Tim Burton
Starred by Christoph Waltz and Amy Adams
08th October

Big Eyes

3 Oscars winner By Damien Chazelle
Starred by Miles Teller and J.K. Simons


29th October
The Miracle Worker

26th November

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